What Should You Do When The Electricity Goes Off In Winter in Toronto

It is likely that power surges and blackouts will occur in time of winter. The stormy weather brings with it many problems. The electricity lines may be knocked out and the power cuts are a major issue in this time. Preparing for the winter can allow you to cope with these problem. Make sure that electrical system is inspected before winter sets in.

You don’t want be caught with a faulty electrical system, which may spell disaster when winter comes. For example, if the electrical wires in attic area are worn out or have been gnawed by rodents, they need to be fixed by a Toronto electrician.

  • Put off every power outlet
    The first thing you want to do when power goes off it to put off the main switch. This will prevent any damage should the power come in unexpectedly. While you may have circuit breakers that regulate uneven power spikes, it is important you also take precautions.
  • Check circuit breakers
    During the stormy weather, power surges and spikes can results in blackouts. However, community wide blackouts shouldn’t bother you as such before they are repaired pretty quickly by the power companies. However, when the issues arise in your home, it is mostly likely to do with the circuit breaker.


    Examine whether it has gone off and if that is the case, put it on. At times, a downed line may affect one or two homes. Sometimes, it may affect an entire block. In case this is not a community wide shut off, you should contact the energy company so that they are aware of the issue. They will respond appropriately to the power cuts. In case the neighborhood has electrical supply, it may be a problem within the home; call residential electricians Toronto to check the problem.

  • Save heat in your home
    It’s winter and you don’t want the house to get cold. When the power goes off, you need to save on heat. Heat is likely to escape through gaps in doors and windows. You want to make sure the doors and windows are secured to prevent further heat loss.
    You may not know how long it may last. Depending on the weather condition, it may take long. You can place towels in areas where heat is likely to escape through so that you don’t lose a lot of heat. You can also limit yourself to smaller sections within the home so that you save heat. Wear extra clothes to keep you warm.
  • Seek alternative lighting
    You can use your backup generator when electricity goes out. In case you have gas, you can use gas-powered lights. These are arrangement you should have made before winter arrives. Ensure every time winter approaches, you seek alternative source of energy in your home should the unexpected happen. Refrain from using candles since they are a fire hazard. You may have battery powered lights or generators since they are safer in such situations.