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Toronto Wiring Provides the following Cabling Services in Toronto and the GTA Area:

  • Structured Cabling

The purpose of structured cabling is to lay down a complete communications infrastructure for your office, data center, campus, hospital and so forth. Toronto Wiring understands that the word ‘structure’ connotes ‘completeness’. We always aim to make structured cabling definite and highly organized by following established guides and regulations such as ISO/IEC, TIA and CENELEC, UCL.

Our technicians have a two-phased approach to structured cabling. First, we have the design part and then the installation part. Designing entails everything to do with laying down plans and scribbling everything that is deemed relevant. Our professionals will take a detailed study of the structure before proposing a detailed plan on implementing the cabling project.

Here at Toronto Wiring our experienced team of professional designers and installers will ensure that the entrance amenities (hardware, cables, protection devices and demarcation points that help to link to the Access Provider), the communication room / telecommunication enclosure, horizontal cabling, vertical cabling and the work area are designed and installed to meet the best practices in the industry thus ensuring smoothness in startup and general performance of the structured cabling. Our team of professionals will provide you with the best service at a reasonable cost.

  • Fiber Cabling

Toronto Wiring offers fiber cable installation services. You will enjoy many advantages by using fiber cabling. Fiber cables are made to ensure efficient and speedy transmission of data by way of light waves. They can bear huge quantities of data over long distances without any risk at all. Fiber optics is a newer technology popularly used in telephone lines, internet access and even cable TV. Fiber optic cables have a higher performance rate than standard copper coaxial cables and it is perfectly reliable.

Fiber cabling is also more flexible and resilient to different forms of damage than standard copper coaxial cable. The fact that they are less susceptible to corrosion guarantees you a safer and cheaper option of data transmission.

Whether you need fiber patch cords or patch cords, outdoor and indoor cables, various fiber optic connectors or plenum and riser cables, and adapters we have them here at Toronto Wiring. We also have a staggering range of cleavers and fiber cable cleaners: sprays, wipes and sticks. We supply our fiber cabling products in standard formats and in different configurations.


Here at Toronto Wiring, you will find our team of experienced professionals waiting to give you the best fiber cabling service at very reasonable costs.

  • Cable Wiring Services

Do you have any of these electronic systems in your home or office or facility? Or are you planning to acquire them? Or do you simply want to move them around to different positions and you need quality cable wiring services for your cable modems, satellite systems, security cameras, telephones, cable TV, flat TV and TV antennas and other devices? All these items need cable wiring. Here at Toronto Wiring, we have all kinds of wiring services for different electronic systems in your home or office or facility. We guarantee top quality accessories and professional services.

There are different types of cable wiring available at our stores here at Toronto Wiring. Cables are designed according to their intended use. A series of letter and number markings on the cable offers basic information about insulation, resistance, individual conductors and so forth. For instance, cables meant for indoor installations are marked differently from those meant for outdoor installations and underground installations. Some of the cables we offer include: TV Communications cables, Coaxial cables (for radio frequency signals), rect-buried cables, metallic covered cables, non-metallic covered cables, flexible cables and many more.

Toronto Wiring guarantees safety. We have ensured that the cables we sell to our clients meet the standards set by the industry. Our installers are also top notch, making sure that your devices perform to the highest level of manufacturer’s expectation. Look no further for cable wiring services than Toronto Wiring because here we offer all kinds of accessories and services in regard to cable wiring.

  • Network Installation Services

Every business organization, educational institution, medical center, government building and other public sector offices will do better with a quality network installation. Toronto Wiring are specialists when it comes to designing and installing networks for our clients. What is more? After our team of professional technicians is done with network installation, they will carry out testing of all connections for quality assurance services.

There is a wide range of network installation services that we offer. Our professional technicians will install data centers, they will upgrade and expand your network, they will offer system services like access and surveillance for the data center, the network itself, cable management, server and SAN cabinet maintenance, equipment racks maintenance, complete grounding, bonding and so forth.

To avoid breakdowns and subsequent hitches with your network, get the best technicians to design and install your network. At Toronto Wiring, we go out of our way to ensure you get the best network installation services.

  • Network Cabling Services

We approach network cabling for both small and big businesses with the same level of commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism. We believe that perfection is attainable with respect to network cabling. Quality Network cabling means that your organization, institution, medical centre, data centre, recreational amenity, government building, will have smoother connection and fast internet access which will in turn impact on the overall performance by ensuring efficiency.


At Toronto Wiring, we render services such as coax cabling, network jack installation, PC jack installation, Cat5e, Cat 6, Cat 7 cabling and cabling for your wireless devices such as phones, laptops and so forth. You certainly need our quality accessories, professional services and experience if you want to set up a new network, if you want to upgrade an existing one and if you are relocating your office.

Give us a call on our toll-free line or write to us via the customer e-mail provided in the contacts section to get more information and professional advice.

  • Data Cabling Services

A data network links up all the essential parts in a building, the transmitters to receivers. We have a wide variety of data cables that range from Ethernet data cable series to token ring data cable series. For instance, a computer needs to be linked to the printer, laser machine, other computers, telephone systems, camera equipment and other external devices like the joystick, microphones, projector machines, and so on.

We also do data cabling for security systems like fire alarms. The process of laying data cables is intense and demanding. Our professional data cabling technicians will make sure that cables, although they are labeled correctly by the manufacturers, should not end up mixing up and confusing the end user or users.

Lastly, our team of professional technicians will pay attention to specific attributes of the building structure during the design phase. Toronto Wiring gives you competitive prices while at the same time guaranteeing quality accessories, designs and installations.

Our team of professional technicians is well versed and experienced in the art of data cabling, testing of the data cabling and repairing of the data cabling. Give us a call on our toll-free line or write to us via e-mail or visit our business.

  • Cable Installation Services

Cable installation is not as easy as those DIY (do it yourself) ads claim to be. Without an expert’s insight or an expert being at the site, it may be stressful and you may end up not accomplishing crucial tasks at home or at your work place. If you are looking for a service provider for your phone lines, cable television or internet cables and haven’t found one yet, search no more because here at Toronto Wiring, we offer you the solution to all your cable worries. Whether you need to move equipment to another room, install a new phone or computer jack or you just want better cable management, rest assured that we will get it done.

Toronto Wiring has highly qualified and well trained installers who will see to your every need. Our amenities are available on normal working days but we cater for emergencies as well such as bad weather network disruptions. Through our expertise you will surely enjoy our top notch services. Some of the services we can deliver include:


Why miss out on your favorite shows because of poor cabling connections? If you contract us, chances of this happening are very slim and if they do happen we will be there to fix it. We conduct home theatre installations, audio studio and wall mounting among other services. If you are a music fan, our audio cabling options may wow you by how efficient your sound systems will turn out to be once we do the cabling. Not only do we install your cables, but we also offer you expert advice on maintenance issues. Your needs are our first priority and based on what you tell us, we will be with you all the way.

  • Network Cable Installations

The globe has gone digital and so is everyone at home, school or work. Internet connection is an important platform for your research, socializing, learning as well as entertainment. For network cabling, you have nothing to worry about as we have you covered, be it wired or wireless. Companies which are in dire need for fast internet connection, we advise them on using wired connection but for clients at home or those who need internet that is flexible in terms of location, wireless is their best shot. Depending on your needs, we are proud to offer you the best in terms of speed, reliability and coverage. For your home use we can provide the Local Area Network (LAN) and if you are running an institution or a big mall, wider network coverage will be the way to go. Your network issues will be a thing of the past when you work with us.

Everyone has switched to wireless mobile phones nowadays but that does not mean that telephone systems have been eradicated. Consumers who still need telephone system services are not at a loss since planning, installation and fixing of telephone systems are among the many services that we offer. Our experienced technicians will help solve your connection problems. If your cables are all over the place and you have no idea on what to do, just call us and we will do cable fishing through the walls which will get you the free floor space that you have always wished for. Systems repair are not new to us hence we can also solve system issues when they arise. In institutions such as schools, hospitals and business companies efficient telephone systems is required. For such clients, we provide telephone cabling to ease their internal as well as external communications.

  • Office Cabling Installation

An office is where all your authorized works take place regardless of where it is located (at home or in the CBD). This therefore means that, whether you run a home office or a departmental office within an organization, work should take place efficiently. For efficiency you need an equally competent and reliable cabling system. At Toronto Wiring, we offer you all the office cabling requirements whether it is for network connections, telephone systems or device connections, we have it all.

There is no difference when providing our services to small or big enterprises because we offer you our utmost attention. If you are planning on starting up your small office at home or down town at the place you have rented, call us to turn it into a fully-fledged office through our cabling services. We will ensure you are wired and connected to all your clients, suppliers as well as your employees.

For us, large scale is not something to worry about because we have everything under control. If you are running an institution or organization with a number of employees working under you, you need our services. To ensure work is going on smoothly, you will require an efficient telephone system, data connection, more devices connected to your PC among other office requirements. This is where we come in. With our variety of services, you will surely not miss out on any service you need.


Structured Cabling FAQ

Structured cabling is a type of cabling that consists of numerous standardized elements known as subsystems. This cabling design supports a number of hardware uses and has many applications such as data networks and voice infrastructures. Since it is a complete cabling system its association with the hardware provides elaborate telecommunication amenities. If you need such services in your office or apartment it is mandatory for you to contract a cable installation company to do the job for you. You may wonder why you should go for structured cabling instead of other cable options, so this is why:

  1. Consistency- with this type of cabling, you are able to use it for everything be it your printer, photocopier, smart machine and any other device you have in mind. Its multipurpose use is among the main reason you should go for it.
  2. Long lasting- if you go for structures just know it will serve you for the long haul because there is no need for you to remove connected devices in order to provide extra space for other devices as it serves multiple hardware.
  3. Simplicity- this cabling type makes it easy for you to move your devices to another room, add other devices to your connection system or to make changes to your hardware.
  4. Simple troubleshooting- with structured cabling, if problems occur it does not affect the entire network as it happens with other cables. It is easy to isolate the problem area and fix it.
  5. Supports multi-vendor equipment- It supports the applications as well as hardware even after changing or mixing vendors and also after upgrading systems.
  6. Supports future applications- Structured cabling supports applications such as video conferencing. You should not worry when you are thinking of future expansion or upgrade because the system accommodates all.

At Toronto Wiring, we provide professional cabling services by deploying high quality certified cables. We not only do our job well but we also comply with the industry standards to ensure safety and reliability for our clients.

Our Cable Installation Service areas include:

  • Ajax
  • Aurora
  • Brampton
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  • Georgina
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