Cable Removal


 Our Cable Removal Services in Toronto

After an office is evacuated, there are several cabling left in the walls and ceilings. Most buildings have been left with cables abandoned from previous networking installations. Such cables are potential hazards of fire and lethal toxic fumes that have relatively high capacity to kill without actual fire flames. These abandoned cables should be removed carefully taking into consideration dangers that can be involved if live wires are short circuited. For this matter, we offer cable removal services in Toronto. We not only do it as an idea of making profits, but also to prevent building owners from legal liabilities in case fire accident occurs.

Fire inspections are carried out in Toronto, especially in the buildings where offices have been evacuated. These inspectors request for fire insurance policies if they find a building with abandoned cabling. It can lead to a legal liability since it is risking properties of other businesses located in the same building. To avoid such mess, we are available and ready to remove all cabling from already evacuated offices and buildings. We have professional technicians and experts who carry out the task appropriately. It is quite risky to involve unskilled crew to remove such cables from the walls and ceilings. They can end up cutting the wrong cables that may lead to a terrible mess. For instance, if a network cabling system of a neighboring business is cut, the owner of the building will be liable for any costs of restoring the system. Why do you risk by hiring unprofessional individuals to carry out such technical tasks? We are here to offer professional cable removal services in Toronto.

Interfering with your neighbors’ networking system may lead to huge revenue losses. In addition, cost of repairing is significantly high since it will require all procedures that were done during installation. We have highly skilled technicians who can identify and remove cables without faulting systems of other businesses. We perform this task according to code, as well as, without interrupting live services that you may want to keep. We help the building owners to stay in compliance, and also avoid end lease penalties. We offer services such as; data cabling removal, network cabling removal, and phone cabling removal. Our experts can spot the installation points of interest where the removal should be done first. We ensure the cables are removed without much damage to the walls and ceilings.

We have provided our customers with contact details such as email address and phone number in our official website. We are always ready to see several incoming calls from clients, who want our cable removal services. You can request for a free quote and estimate from our company through a phone call. We also give our customers free estimates by conducting a site visit. Our cabling services are rated highly in Toronto, and it’s through our hardworking and dedication to customer service.
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