Types of backup generators in Toronto

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Types of backup generators in Toronto

Types of backup generators in Toronto

The modern conveniences that people enjoy in their homes today are run by electricity for the most part. It is unfathomable to live without them as they have become an essential part of our lives. You need light when darkness falls and you need electricity to power to cook, iron clothes, wash clothes, to work with your computers and to charge your power hungry smart phones. The problem that will befall you when there is an extended power outage, whether scheduled, or caused by other factors like storm damage, is immense. This is where you will need the services of backup generators.

In a climate like Toronto’s, backup generators will take the place of electricity to light the house and power all our appliances when the need arises. A backup generator is an essential machine to have in your house for that time when you really need power and there is an outage. Which is the best backup generator for your home? Here are the different types.

Portable generators

Portable generators are the most common backup generators in Toronto. Though they are not backup generators, strictly speaking, they are helpful when you want to fire up your space heater or power a few appliances for close to eight hours at a time. They are placed outside the house with cords leading to the house. Though helpful, they are not ideal for Toronto’s long cold winters when power will be needed throughout.

Emergency generators

They are generally small five to eight kilowatt generators. They have the capability of keeping your basic appliances on when there is an outage. They are also common Toronto backup generators. While sizes are available for lighting and powering the entire house, their price is quite high. Most users of backup generators in Toronto rate them higher than portable generators in terms of efficiency. Unlike standby generators, emergency generators are not as easy to operate. They also have to be placed outside to activate them despite their size. This is to keep the noxious fumes and the noise outside.

Standby generators

These are Toronto’s backup generators of choice. They are the ideal backup generators to have in your house. Having been fitted with a transfer switch, they kick in their power as soon as the grid power goes out. The advantage of this type of generator is that it is permanently located outside the house and it need not be hauled outside every time there is an outage. Though significantly pricier than emergency and portable generators, its convenience is rated higher than the two other types. They come in various sizes and they will have more staying power than the other two types.

In Toronto, a back up generator, especially in winter time and when storms are brewing, backup generator is essential and you had better have right one for you when the need to use one arises.


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